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Petition: Our city leaders must take action now


We are Boulder residents who believe that having a reasonably safe and clean city, where laws are enforced, is a fair expectation. Our city leaders seem to have different priorities, which we cannot understand. We are witnessing troubling changes in our small city that degrade quality of life and jeopardize public health and safety for all: Increased levels of theft, burglary, organized crime, assault, harassment, vandalism, drug use, discarded needles, human waste, and environmental damage in our public places. Our bike paths, playgrounds, parks, and other outdoor amenities have become unsafe for Boulder families and visitors. Our local economy is at risk. Public morale is suffering. Our citizens and business owners deserve better. We urgently need our city leaders to respond to public concerns and take action. We need to create a Safer Boulder!

We have launched a petition on to raise awareness of public sentiment and desire for action!

Please join us and sign our petition here if you agree.

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