Email City Council

Emailing City Council is a first step to sharing your thoughts with Boulders leaders.

  • Email all of city council at one address: Emails sent to this address are public record and can be searched here.

  • If you'd prefer to keep your email out of the public record, click this link for a copy-paste email list: City Council Email

Working with Laptop

Help Safer Boulder by voicing your support for city programs, expressing your concerns, or sharing your personal experiences. Be heard! 

Looking for inspiration? Check out our Newsfeed and Blog posts. 

Team Talk
Submit an Opinion to the Daily Camera

A Letter to the Editor or a Guest Opinion in the Daily Camera are the best options to reach a broad audience including city officials, city staff, and your neighbors.

Speak at a City Council Meeting

You've signed the petition and emailed City Council, now it's time to be heard at a City Council meeting. 

  • Boulder City Council meetings are held Tuesday nights at 6pm

  • General Council meetings include an Open Comment period with 20 speakers each allotted 2 minutes

  • Sign-up opens at 6pm the Thursday before a meeting and closes at 2pm the Monday before a meeting

  • When sign-up opens the forms will appear here 

  • Meetings are recorded and available from the city website

  • If you'd like help with your speaking points please contact Safer Boulder