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2023 City of Boulder Elections - Time to Engage

The election season is upon us. It's time for Boulder residents and businesses to get involved and have a voice in the direction of our City leadership. Safer Boulder is supporting a group of candidates that stand unison in their commitment to prioritize public safety for all in our community. Please take the time to learn more about them HERE. Many of us receive our ballots, read newspaper endorsements, see signs along the roadways and do our best to guess who we should vote into local government leadership. This election cycle will be pivotal to the direction of our community. We need to do better than guessing or referencing endorsements that may not be from balanced news sources. Take the time to read about the candidates, learn their positions on important issues facing Boulder, consider attending one of the many upcoming forums.... or even reach out to them individually with your own questions.

Boulder deserves better. Let's all pay attention and make change this November!

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