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Cost of Cleanup

October 22, 2020

Safer Boulder remains committed to having a community where everyone can enjoy our shared public spaces in safety. Only two weeks ago, we witnessed trash and drug waste strewn across a large area beside Boulder Creek, as children played nearby at the water’s edge. We saw CU students and their families walking past tent encampments close to campus that were littered with drug paraphernalia and other trash. We stepped over used needles along the bike path by Junction Place.

Those of us who live, work and play here simply ask that everyone in Boulder, resident and visitor alike, respect our environment and respect our community and its laws. This week, several areas that had hosted tent camps were cleared of trash and biohazardous waste materials. The City of Boulder contracts the private company ServPro to clean these areas, but more hazardous sites continue to pop up. Per an official report, Boulder is confirmed to have paid ServPro well over $200,000 in cleanup fees during the past 1.5 years. And costs continue to mount. Wouldn’t that money be better spent on hand up programs like the Bridge House Ready-to-Work Program or funding substance abuse treatment options? We must consider whether we are solving problems or merely perpetuating them.

We are grateful that local leaders are responding to the community’s concerns, as many more voices rise and advocate for having safe parks, trails, and open spaces. Safer Boulder will continue to promote awareness of these local issues, to help make our small city a safe and clean place for all who live, work, and visit here.

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